Sweet Dreams

Every night when I close my eyes,
I drift to sweet dreams of you.

I imagine the taste of your lips,
the feel of your hands in mine,
and the softness of your hair
brushing against my cheek...
and suddenly I'm strong yet weak
from my need for you.

And when you hold me close,
and look into my eyes
as you whisper how much you love me,
I'm carried gently to the clouds.

Your love makes me feel
so alive and proud
of the person I am
when I'm with you.

Yet when the stars fade
as dawn breaks,
you kiss me goodbye at the door,
and I awake needing you even more
than I did the day before.

I'm missing you badly,
and I wish you were here.

But though you're far away,
in my heart you'll stay.

I'll never quit wishing
that you were here beside me,
but until that day,
I've only to dream about you,
and I escape to that place
in my heart,
where we're never apart.

"Sweet Dreams," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000
gefunden bei www.secretsite.com/show.php?card_id=555


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